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Hello, and thank you for trusting Fresh Cleaners to service your home or business.

Below are Fresh Cleaners Frequently Asked Questions and Terms of Service. Please email us if you have any questions. We look forward to leaving your place fresh and clean!
How do I book my appointment?

Fill out our booking form, tell us what services you want and provide a credit card to hold your booking. It won't be charged until after your service. You can also call us or email us.

Are there hidden fees?

No! We offer flat-rate pricing. We also provide hourly cleaning options.

Do I have to provide cleaning chemicals, tools or supplies?

No! All our teams bring everything they need to clean your space. If you want us to use your vacuum, tools, chemicals, supplies, just let us know.

What areas do you serve?

We clean all over the GTA. Please email us if you have any questions.

What is included in the cleaning?

See our checklist on our services page.

What is the deep cleaning add-on?

The Deep Cleaning add-on is recommended if your home has not been professionally cleaned in more than two months. This option allows a more detailed cleaning with added time.

What is the heavy-duty/extra dirty cleaning add-on for?

This add-on is for when your place needs extra, extra attention because the place is extra dirty. It adds additional time to all our packages and allows our teams to be that much more detailed.

What is the move-in / move-out add-on recommended for?

A Move-In / Move-Out / Moving Cleaning add-on will include the inside of all empty kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, all of the baseboards in the home (that are accessible to us without having to move furniture/appliances) and inside all of the appliances. This cleaning is ideal if you are moving into, moving out, or are placing your home for sale. Please note the price remains the same if the home is empty as there is usually a lot more dust and debris that comes as a result of moving in or out of a home.

Do you clean on the weekends or after hours?

Yes, we do! Please email for more information.

I won't be home during the cleaning. Is that ok?

Yes, no problem at all! Please email us with instructions on how to get in. Our teams will make sure to let you know when they arrive/leave and lock up!

Do you offer green eco-friendly cleaning?

Yes, we do! Just let us know before your appointment that you would like green products used.

How many people will show up to clean?

Normally a team of 2 will show up. This can vary depending on the size of your home and the type of cleaning.

Are next day or same-day bookings ok?

9 out of 10 times, this is not a problem.

Do you clean Airbnb, short, long-term rentals?

Yes, we do! Please email us for more information.

How much notice is required for a booking?

Ideally, three (3) days' notice will secure your clean.

Are the cleaners trustworthy?

Absolutely! We only work with cleaners who have a background check, a reference check and our interview.

Will the same cleaner always clean my home/office?

Normally yes. This is the ideal situation for consistent quality service. Sometimes a different cleaner will be sent if the regular cleaner is unavailable. If there's a permanent change of cleaner, we will let you know.

Are the cleaners background-checked?

Yes! It is a requirement to be part of the Fresh Cleaners team.

What is the cancellation/ Lockout/ reschedule policy?

If you cancel less than 24 hours from your appointment, you will be charged 100% of the service price. If you cancel the same day of your appointment, or we are turned away at the door, or we are unable to access the home/office for any reason, a cancellation/lockout fee equal to 100% of the service price will be charged. Please provide the most amount of notice you can once you know that the cleaning will not be able to take place. We are happy to accommodate/reschedule based on our availability.

Is tipping necessary?

Tipping is never necessary, but it is appreciated.

100% satisfaction guarantee!

Our services are 100% guaranteed! If we don't clean something to your satisfaction, contact us within 24 hours, and we'll return and make it right. If you're home and notice that something was overlooked, please inform the cleaner. You can ask the cleaner to re-clean it or contact our office. Complaints after 24 hours from your service may not be covered since they're outside the warranty period. Fresh cleaners will not be held responsible for the repair or replacement of items broken or damaged due to pre-existing wear and tear, incorrect installation, usage, or assembly.

Do you provide refunds?

We only do re-cleans, no refunds. Refunds are only available to bookings that are cancelled or rescheduled at least 24hours before their service appointment.

Are you insured?

Yes! All our terms have liability insurance.

Do I need a credit card to book a cleaning?

Yes, we need your credit card information to book a cleaning. Don't worry. You won't be charged until your cleaning service is complete.

Is my billing information secure?

We don't store any credit card info. Stripe is our credit card processor, and they're AES-256 encrypted and PCJ certified for security and peace of mind.

When am I charged for the cleaning?

We place a hold on your card 24 hours before your appointment and charge your card when the cleaning has been completed.

Can I pay cash or e-transfer?

For payment with e-transfer, you have to send the payment the day before your appointment. For cash payments, the client agrees to pay in full before the service has been rendered unless otherwise agreed in advance. Please email us for more information.

What if I don't want some areas in my house cleaned?

We offer an hourly option that will let you decide how much of your home we clean.

Terms of Service

Weekly/bi-weekly /tri-weekly promotions

Customers that cancel the services prior to the promotion's four minimum cleanings will be charged the full price of the cleanings.


A hold for authorization will be placed on your account in the amount of your total balance before your scheduled service. If your service is cancelled, this hold will drop between 3-5 business days. You are only charged after the service is complete.


We don't assume any liability for the safety of your pets. We love animals and are very careful and mindful of their well-being. Please let us know before your service if you have any pets, and please keep them in a separate place or outside while the service is being performed. We don't clean litter boxes or animal droppings.

Change to requested services

Any changes to the booked services must be informed and agreed upon by fresh cleaners. The customer must contact fresh cleaners by phone. The same applies if you want any additional services, The cleaner is not authorized to agree to any changes to the service. All communication must be with the office.

Service arrival windows

If you want to be present during the service visits, please be aware that the arrival windows are for up to 24 hours. If we are running late, you will be contacted ASAP and provided with our new estimated time of arrival.

Additional time approval process

We'll call the phone numbers we have on file if we believe your service will take longer to complete. If you don't answer, we will email you. If we don't hear from you before the agreed time expires, the team will stop working and move on to their next assignment. Please note that we won't guarantee the service if you don't approve the necessary amount of time needed to finish your service.

Post cleaning walkthrough

Our super crews will do an incredible job servicing your place, but we can't guarantee our work if you're not around to do a walkthrough at the end. Please point out missed things during the walkthrough, and we are happy to take care of them.


Our crews are super careful with our customer's belongings; however, accidents can happen. When they do, we will let you know right away! We're not liable for damage that's artwork/collectibles/ heirlooms/ valuables valued for over $200 that was not disclosed at the time of booking. Please move expensive items to a safe place while we're in your home. If any damage or perceived damage is noticed after the crew has left, please notify us within 24 hours. We will do our best to resolve the problem and reach a reasonable solution.

Extra dirty homes

If a home/office is too dirty and won't be able to be completed in a reasonable amount of time, we'll contact you to discuss switching to an hourly rate. If the home is in really bad conditions (heavy grease, broken glass, too much clutter, mould, too much trash), we can attempt to get it as clean as possible. We will take before and after pictures and discuss the service before starting the job. Excessively dirty jobs are at our discretion and very rarely be deemed not serviceable and cancelled.

Flat rate pricing

Our flat rates are based on certain assumptions on cleanings, amount of effort, number of bedrooms, and washrooms, square footage. To make sure the quote is accurate, a walkthrough will be performed before your service. We reserve the right to change the price if the original is not accurate. Please contact us for the options if this is the case.

Hourly jobs

Please note that for hourly jobs, our terms will attempt to complete all services in the time you have reserved. Sometimes the services will not be completed in the time you have allowed. Time estimates provided by fresh cleaners our guides vary on cleanliness, size, services requested for your clean. Hourly cleans don't qualify for our 100% satisfaction guarantee. It's solely based on the time you selected. If it isn't sufficient, you can purchase more to meet your standards.

Solicitation of our team members

When you book with Fresh Cleaners, you agree not to solicit any team members introduced to you by Fresh Cleaners. Our team members, when recruited, signed an agreement barring them from soliciting or working for clients of Fresh Cleaners. If you are found to have solicited one of our team members, please be advised that our referral fee is $5000 per team member. Our team members are valuable, and we charge accordingly.


This agreement may be terminated by giving at least 24 hours of notice and at any time/reason by Fresh Cleaners.

Customer Warranties and representations

Customer represents and warrant that: It will provide a safe workplace for our fresh cleaners team members, the team members will have unrestricted ad unobstructed access to the areas requiring service; It will provide access to all utilities hot and cold water, electricity, heating, garbage bins as required by our team members to provide the service in the case any of these are not available the cleaners will clean as best as possible and the service will be charged at 100% of the acquired rate or a if nothing can be done the cancellation fee will apply; it will advice fresh cleaners of any hazards, slippery surfaces, risks/dangers, dirt, grease, grime in the premises; it will allow taking of before and after pictures; it will secure or remove any fragile, delicate, breakable or valuable items, including cash, jewelry, art, antiques, items of sentimental value prior to the service; if the customer needs to clean behind or under any heavy items, furniture, appliances it will move and secure them before the service begins.

Things we don't do:
  • We don't clean animal waste, insects, or rodents.
  • We don't clean mould.
  • We don't clean bodily waste/fluids.
  • We don't clean inside dishwashers, dryers, or washers.
  • We don't wet wipe clean mini blinds due to the risk of breakage.
  • We don't wet wipe clean light bulbs due to the risk of breakage.
  • We don't remove strong odours.
  • We don't clean/remove heavy/strong marks/stains on painted surfaces.
  • We don't remove any excessive pet hair from upholstery/carpets.
  • We don't remove heavy items, furniture or appliances.
  • We don't clean areas that can't be reached with a step ladder or telescopic tools.

***At our discretion, we may offer some of these services under special circumstances***

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